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Shoulder Pain

Admin 11-12-2023

It happens all the time. People do something to their shoulders. They are in pain. They have restricted movement. They don’t know what to do.


The usual reaction is ‘I’ll leave it a little bit and see what happens and if it gets better by itself’ (it won’t), ‘I’ll get some painkillers and that will help until it’s better (they will help but the pain will come back and the injury won’t be healed) or even ‘I’ll find some exercises for shoulder pain and that will help’ (it will if you do the right ones).


The thought never goes through anybody’s mind that the best thing for them is to visit Chester’s Best Clinic for Shoulder Pain, Relive Physiotherapy. And why is that?


As a human race, we have learned to ignore warning signs that our body is giving us as they conflict with the things that we need to do or are inconvenient. How am I supposed to find the time to go to Physiotherapy treatment when I am so busy at work/ home/ with my hobbies/ with my children etc?


What are the consequences of ignoring your shoulder pain? It can get worse. Your shoulder is a very complex part of your anatomy and the mobility and flexibility it gives you means that you can move your arms and use your full range of motion. So many daily tasks such as brushing your teeth or getting dressed involve using your shoulder. And you won’t even realise how much until you have injured your shoulder.


The pain will mean that you become overcautious in your everyday life and this is actually worse for your shoulder. If you need to lift things, reach for things, or even work at a desk, every movement that you make will be accompanied by pain.


The clients that come to visit us for their shoulder pain at Relive Physiotherapy in Chester all tell us the same thing : this pain is restricting my ability to live my life how I want and to do the activities I enjoy and love. It stops me from doing my everyday tasks and I never seem to get a break from the pain.


It is one of the 3 most common conditions that we see at the Clinic and one of the most rewarding to treat.


People are constantly injuring their shoulders and then not doing anything about it. It means that when they finally consult us, the injury or condition has become worse and the recovery time is so much longer than it should have been.


At Chester’s Best Physiotherapy Clinic for Shoulder Pain, there are a number of different treatments that we can do with you to help you and manage your pain. The first is traditional hands-on therapy where we use a mixture of mobilization and massage techniques to loosen the shoulder and ensure that it is not stiff or swollen.


We might use ultrasound which will help break up some of the scar tissue that is stopping your shoulder from healing. If you have left your shoulder for a long time and it has healed badly, we might have to use Shockwave Therapy.


Injection Therapy is a solution that we might consider for a Frozen Shoulder and this will help get the shoulder loose again and you will regain a lot of movement almost instantaneously.


The last part of the treatment will be exercise. This is always undervalued and overlooked and people generally tend not to take this seriously. Targeted exercises from a qualified professional will help to strengthen any weakness and speed up your recovery. Unless you are doing the right exercises at the right time and in the right order, you may actually make your injury worse.


Shoulder pain is horrible, it limits you and you feel like it will never go away. If you are suffering from Shoulder Pain, then Relive Physiotherapy Clinic in Chester is the answer!

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