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Cortisone or Hydrocortisone is a steroid which can reduce any swelling that you may have in a joint and minimize any pain that you might have there. It is completely different from Anabolic Steroids (which are a Class C drug and require a prescription to obtain them), often used unsupervised to increase muscle mass.

Having a cortisone injection or taking cortisone tablets will help you move around much more easily, as it eases the pain and helps the sore joint. When combined with Physiotherapy, your road to recovery can be sped up, the pain can be reduced quicker and you can get back to doing everything that you were doing before.

injection therapy

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Injection Therapy

I’ve been told I can take tablets instead. Is this true?

Yes, it is partly true.

There are a lot of people that do take tablets, and they have to take them often. The steroid injection is a much more efficient way of getting a better result, because the steroid is injected directly into the troublesome joint, so it takes effect much quicker. When you take a tablet, the dosage is much lower, and it needs to be absorbed by your stomach before it can go into your bloodstream and be carried around your body. This means that it does not work specifically on the joint where you have pain. Many people who take steroid tablets suffer from stomach pains and issues.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • lineI’m in pain all of the time and it is stopping me from walking, playing with my children/ grandchildren and making me generally inactive.
  • lineThe pain in my joints means that I can’t exercise properly.
  • lineI have been missing out on the sport(s) I love.
  • lineIt’s too painful to do my job, so I have been off work. I don’t get paid properly when I am off work.
  • lineThe exercises that I have tried from the internet have not worked.
Injection Therapy

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Anything else I need to know before coming?

Yes, there are a few more things to let you know about.

If you have an infection in the area where you want to have your injection, then you will need to delay coming in until it has cleared up.

You should take it easier in the first 2 days your injection (please follow the instructions from your clinician as this may vary from one region to another). If you get too excited about all the things that you can now do that you couldn’t do before and overdo it, then it can reduce how effective the corticosteroids are.

When your Physiotherapist gives you exercises to help with your recovery, then you should do these. It means that you recover quicker and see the effects of your Injection Therapy for longer.

The injection itself can take between 2 days and 2 weeks to really take effect, but you will see the best results after 4-6 weeks. This is why we like to book a follow up appointment with you to see how you are doing and to monitor the improvement.

Some people ask us about injections into the Spine. This is a specialised medical procedure and we do NOT offer this service.

Before we agree to do the injection, we will talk about your medical history and your lifestyle. There are some important things that you need to tell us as incorrect information could adversely affect your health if we go ahead with the treatment. These are:

  • lineAllergies
  • lineYou are already taking steroids, epileptic or diabetic medication
  • lineYou have had surgery or are about to have surgery in the affected area
  • lineYou have an infection or if you feeling feverish/ unwell
  • lineYou do not want the injection
Injection Therapy
Injection Therapy

It sounds great. Are there any side effects

Although these are rare and mild from a corticosteroid injection, there can be :

  • lineSkin discolouration and/ or dimpling where you had the injection
  • lineBruising where you had the injection
  • lineAn increase in pain for the first 48 hours – you can safely take pain killers if this helps to relieve any discomfort
  • lineA change in your menstrual cycle
  • lineMild facial flushing which can last up to 48 hours, but will go naturally
  • lineA change in your blood sugar levels for a few days, which is important if you are diabetic
  • lineOn extremely rare occasions, a rupture of a tendon. The risk is minimal, but it is important to follow the advice to rest.

If you suffer any of the above side effects, it is important to let us know immediately. Infection and allergic reactions are extremely rare but can happen. If the area that has been injected becomes red, hot, tender, or swollen or you get a temperature, then you should inform us and seek medical help immediately.

We will do our very best to keep your side effects to a minimum. Raj will never use more than the recommended dose and he will use the most up to date techniques and equipment to make sure we keep you safe. He will undertake an examination of the site where you are going to have the injection to make sure that everything is OK and that there are no signs that we should not do the injection on the day of your appointment. He will make sure that the area is sterile by thoroughly cleaning it and by using sterile equipment. He will wash his hands and wear sterile gloves. Your safety and the minimising of side effects is our priority.

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