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How Can You Ease Longstanding/ Persistent Pain Using Shockwave Therapy?

Shckwave Therapy
Shckwave Therapy

Worried About Your Pain?

Have you tried lots of different treatments in the hope that one of them might work? Are you still waiting to find the one?

It can often be tempting to try to live with the pain, stiffness and discomfort, hoping that the pain will go away all by itself. But, from our experience, it very rarely does. In fact, suffering from persistent joint and muscle pain is a huge challenge. The pain and stiffness won’t go away on their own, but we do have the treatment that can be the ANSWER.

Shockwave Therapy. NICE (The National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence, which is the ‘watchdog’ body for Healthcare) state that Shockwave Therapy can be highly effective for soft tissue conditions that cause longstanding pain.

Chester’s Best Physiotherapy Clinic, Relive Physiotherapy, uses this cutting-edge technology to treat certain injuries. It is a non-invasive treatment, which means that it takes place on your skin and it uses high-energy sound waves to ‘reboot’ the healing process and reduce persistent pain.

Want to Know More about Shockwave Therapy?

If you can’t live your life as you want because the constant pain from your long-standing injury is preventing you from doing the things you love then Chester’s Best Physiotherapy Clinic has the SOLUTION you NEED. SHOCKWAVE THERAPY!

It is a SAFE and EFFECTIVE treatment option which can provide longer-lasting relief for stubborn conditions such as:

  1. line Tendonitis or tendinopathy (inflammation of tendons)
    • lineAchilles tendonitis
    • linePlantar fasciitis (Heel and Under Foot Pain)
    • lineKnee cap tendonitis
    • lineShoulder rotator cuff tendonitis
    • lineShoulder calcification of tendons
    • lineGolfers and Tennis Elbow
    • lineGluteal Tendonitis
    • lineIliotibial band friction syndrome
    • line Frozen Shoulder
    • line High Hamstring Injury
    • line Shin Splints
    • line Certain types of Back / Neck Pain and many more.
Shckwave Therapy
Shckwave Therapy

How Does Shockwave Therapy Help?

Shockwave Therapy at Relive Physiotherapy helps with FASTER HEALING through various stages such as:

  • lineNew blood vessel formation
  • lineRepairing soft tissue by collagen formation
  • lineBreaking down of scar tissue and forming NEW HEALTHY Tissue
  • lineReducing PAIN and accelerating HEALING

If This Sounds Like YOU

  • lineI can’t train properly due to niggles or knocks
  • lineI’ve been injured and can’t do my favourite sport or activity
  • lineI’ve been off work because of repetitive strain and I don’t get paid if I don’t work
  • lineI’ve become less active because my persistent pain is stopping me from walking, playing with the children or doing anything physical
  • lineI’ve done some exercises that I found on the internet, but they’ve made no difference


Shckwave Therapy

Is Shockwave Therapy the right treatment for you?

Please arrange to speak to one of our Relive Physiotherapists to see how we can help you.

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