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How Can I Beat Sciatica

  • lineWithout Taking Painkillers?
  • lineWithout Having to Wait to See the GP?
  • lineWithout Putting My Life on Hold?

Sciatica can take over your life. The pain can be excruciating. At Chester’s Best - Relive Physiotherapy, we see this too often and we understand the problem and know how to make it better.

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Worried About Sciatica?

  • lineIs sitting down becoming unbearable?
  • lineDo you have a shooting pain down your leg which makes it impossible to rest comfortably?
  • lineHave you become reluctant to move or bend over for fear of the pain coming?
  • lineHas your quality of sleep deteriorated?

Does this sound all too familiar? If this sounds like you, then it’s time to take back control of your life from your sciatic pain and go back to doing the activities that you love.


Sciatica – Fact or Fiction?

It can be very tempting to think that it is nothing and it will go away one day on its own when you are suffering with Sciatica.

  • lineSciatica pain will never go away – FICTION (if you do the right things, such as Physiotherapy treatment, then it will go away).
  • lineSciatica can cause permanent nerve damage - FACT (sadly, it can).
  • lineSciatica will get better with EXERCISES – FACT (sciatic symptoms improve with corrective exercises and standard ‘Hands-on’ Physiotherapy).
  • lineResting and avoiding activities for a while will ‘magically cure’ your sciatic pain – FICTION (it actually makes the pain worse).
  • lineSciatica is an injury in the leg- FICTION (sciatica actually comes from your sciatic nerve which means the pain is from your spine).

How Do I Get Rid of Sciatica Pain Quickly?

Today. It’s time to make that life-changing decision for a better life without sciatic pain. It will improve your physical and mental wellbeing as you will be in control rather than your sciatica controlling what you do and when you do it.

Rest is not the best course of action for sciatic pain. If you rest too much it makes your joints stiffen up and your muscles become tighter and weaker. Keeping active, doing some targeted exercise and regularly visiting your Physiotherapist are the quickest way to getting you back to being active and pain-free.

Doing the right exercises at the right time in the right order is the best way to speed up your recovery. If you visit Relive Physiotherapy in Chester, then you will be shown how to do these exercises, we will practice them together and we will give you feedback to make sure each one counts. Unfortunately, most people who get their exercises from the internet find that they are ineffective and don’t help the pain. This is because they are either not the right exercises or they are being done incorrectly. It’s why seeing a qualified Physiotherapist is the best option.

If you have followed the above steps, then there is only one thing missing from your optimum treatment plan. Hands-on Physiotherapy. This is something that is offered as standard at Relive Physiotherapy, as we believe it is a crucial element to your recovery. We see a lot of people who are having Sciatic Pain and this has been proven to be the most effective treatment. If your sciatica is affecting your ability to work, keep active or is getting in the way of spending time with your family and friends, then we can get you back to the life you DESERVE as soon as possible.


‘How Can I Reduce My Sciatic Pain?’

Arrange a FREE, NO OBLIGATION CHAT with one of our Sciatic Pain Specialists to see how Relive Physiotherapy can help YOU.

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How Can Relive Physiotherapy Help Beat My Sciatica?

There are so many things that we can do for you at Relive Physiotherapy, but here are a few;

  • lineAfter as few as 3 or 4 visits, we can ease your symptoms.
  • lineWe can help you enjoy a good night’s sleep and live with more energy every day. We will stop pain ‘zapping’ your energy and preventing you from sleeping.
  • lineWe will talk to you about how to take care of your back and answer any questions that you have.
  • lineWe will give you peace of mind. You can be confident when bending over or taking part in other activities without the worry of the shooting sciatic pain down your leg.
  • lineIf you are taking painkillers, which are not good for your long-term health, we can make sure that you don’t need them for your sciatica.
  • lineYou will get the best treatment appropriate to YOUR sciatic pain.
  • lineWe will help keep you away from the GP’s surgery or getting repeat prescriptions for your sciatica.
  • lineWe can help you avoid dangerous spinal surgery.
  • lineWe will help you get back to enjoying the quality time with your friends and family that sciatica has stolen from you.

Is Physiotherapy Right For Your Sciatic Pain?

If you are still not sure whether Chester’s Best Physiotherapy Clinic, Relive Physiotherapy can help you, then let’s have a chat. It will be you and your Physiotherapist and they can give you some recommendations on the best way forward. The chat is FREE and you are under NO OBLIGATION to follow their advice or treatment plan.

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