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Discover How to Beat Hip Pain and Stiffness

  • lineWithout Taking Painkillers?
  • lineWithout Having to Wait to See the GP?

Hip pain can be awful, you can’t move properly and you certainly can’t get around as you would like.

The pain seems to always be there, your hip is stiff and you are generally uncomfortable all of the time. The people who come to see us at Relive Physiotherapy all tell us the same thing. Does this sound familiar?


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Worried About Your Hip Pain?

Will it go away on its own? NO!

Should I ignore it? NO!

You wake up in pain and it doesn’t get better during the day. Your hip is hurting all the time. It’s having a negative impact on your life. You can’t move around like you used to. The pain might be keeping you up at night. You don’t know what to do. You think that resting and avoiding any painful activities would help. But THEY WON’T!

Over resting and avoiding activities is the worst thing that you can do. In fact, the lack of movement will make your hip stiffer and more painful. You condition will get worse, and you’ll end up in more pain than you were at the start.

Hip pain is a terrible condition as it is a difficult one to deal with. People often make this worse by doing the WRONG things. It can affect your normal movement, making it more challenging for you to get about, stand or do a lot of household tasks. This has an enormous impact on your self-confidence. You become OVER cautious when living your life and eventually your hip becomes weaker and even stiffer.

Nobody wants to live with hip pain. The people who come to see us at Relive Physiotherapy in Chester with hip pain all tell us that their hip pain is stopping them from doing the things they love. Everybody that comes to see us wants to know….

“Why Is This Happening To Me"?


"Why Is My Hip Hurting So Much"?

As there is so much information available in lots of different places, we’ve decided to group all the most important bits together for you. We’ve prepared a short report where you can learn about the different conditions that might affect your hip, such as Groin Strain, Iliotibial band Syndrome, Arthritis and many more.

REST is good, but is it the best treatment? We can help!

There is so much information about hips and hip pain on the internet. Sadly, the majority of people who come to the Relive Physiotherapy Clinic in Chester to talk about their hip injury have either not found the right explanation or they have been given bad advice by somebody close to them. Whilst phrases such as ‘you’ll feel better with a bit of rest’, ‘give it a few days and see if it hasn’t got better’ or ‘go and see the GP to get some painkillers’, are well-meant, they won’t help your condition. Days, weeks, months (and even years) can go by and NOTHING changes. In fact, the pain might even be worse than it was at the beginning. The advice you got hasn’t helped you – the painkillers have made the pain go away for a while, but as soon as you stop them, the pain is back. It might have been nice to rest for a while (but if you are generally an active person it would have been difficult) but your hip doesn’t feel any better. You’ve followed the advice you got, and it hasn’t worked. You’ve been inactive or on painkillers for a while, but you might be in even worse shape than you were when all this started.

Do the right things. They will help. If you don’t, then you are going to have to get used to hip pain as it will be a constant in your daily life. Just because you are getting ‘older’, it doesn’t mean accepting hip pain and bowing to the ‘inevitable’. The pain may have stopped you from being active or doing the activities that you love, such as sport, doing the garden, looking after the children or doing DIY, but it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on them forever.


Does That Sound Like YOU?

If you have a hip injury and are in pain, then it’s hard to know what to do or who to listen to about what will be best for you. All the information that you find on the internet seems to be contradictory and your family and friends all have an opinion on what you should do. Very rarely are they medically trained, so despite meaning well, their advice will not help you at all. With all this information and all these opinions around you, there are a wealth of options and things that you could do, but you don’t know the best course of action, so you do NOTHING. Hip pain is sometimes caused by a sharp movement or impact, but more often it has been caused by years of poor hip care and the pain you are feeling is the EFFECT of this.

Is This Happening To You Too?

Don’t suffer in silence as you are not alone. We are here to help. Our experts at the Relive Physiotherapy Clinic in Chester can help your recovery. Our patients tell us:

  • lineI was sure that the pain would go away by itself. I WAS WRONG.
  • lineIt’s just my AGE and I’ll just have to ‘Put Up With It’.
  • lineI went to see my GP – they gave me painkillers and told me to rest. It felt better for a while, but as soon as I stopped taking the medication, my hip pain was back.
  • lineI found some exercises on the internet, but they just made the pain worse.
  • lineI was recommended to see a Massage Therapist. It was nice and pleasant, but it didn’t help long term to fix my pain.
  • lineI’ve been to see just about every ‘expert’ there is and tried what they recommended. However, nothing they said or did seemed to help.

If this is YOU, then book a call with the best Physiotherapy Clinic in Chester, and one of our friendly and helpful Relive Physiotherapists can have a chat to you (for FREE) to talk about your hip pain and what we can do to help you. Having tried some or all of the above is GREAT as it means that you are CLOSER to finding what works for you.

Click on the ‘Request Callback’ button below to have a FREE chat with one of our Physiotherapists. The form will take about 20 seconds to complete and is the first step on your road to recovery from your hip pain. We’ll give you the right information to help you make an informed choice and get back to doing those activities you LOVE, SLEEPING better and back off the medication that is managing your pain, but not your condition.


What 4 Things Can I Do Now To Get Rid Of My Pain?

Making the right decision TODAY is the first step to treating your hip pain. Finally talking to somebody and sharing will make you feel so much better. Soon your hip pain will be just a bad memory. It’s time to put yourself back in control.

If you stop moving around for too long, it will make your hip weaker, stiffer and more painful, which is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve. If you rest the right amount, then it can help you, but it isn’t always the right thing to do if you have a hip injury. You need to stay active, and what better way to do this than targeted exercises from your friendly Relive Physiotherapist?

This is so important for getting your hip pain back under control. Doing the exercises that you have been given will help speed up your recovery. They will always be simple to do and we will show you how to practice them to help your recovery. People who find their exercises on the internet are often disappointed. 90% of the exercises that you find are either not appropriate for the injury, are done incorrectly, or are done at the wrong time. All of these cause the pain to worsen. Not all hips and hip injuries are the same, so any exercises you do should be given to you by a qualified professional.

You’ll start to feel better by following the 3 steps above. However, nothing beats the effect of ‘hands-on’ treatment. At Relive Physiotherapy, this is a method that you always get as standard. In the last few years, with more people preferring to do things remotely, we have seen a rise in mobile consultations where exercises are given rather than ‘hands-on’ treatment. We believe that you DESERVE the best and this is often the quickest route to recovery. It delivers lasting results for YOUR hip injury. If you are having mobility issues, or even pain when getting up from the sofa or doing your favourite sport, then TODAY is the first day of your recovery. Call Relive Physiotherapy and we can make it happen!

Do you want to know how you can live without hip pain?

Just arrange a FREE TASTER session with Relive Physiotherapy in Chester and we can discuss what we can do for your hip pain.

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How Can Relive Physiotherapy Help Beat My Hip Pain?

Below are just a few of the things that Relive Physiotherapy can do for you:

  • lineQuickly ease the symptoms of your hip pain within two or three visit to our modern Physiotherapy Clinic in Chester.
  • lineHelp you enjoy a good night’s sleep and have more energy to attack your day.
  • lineAnswer your questions. We will help you look after your hip and take back control from the pain.
  • lineGet you back to doing what you love, through expert hip treatment.
  • lineHelp you come off the medication that is not helping your condition.
  • lineKeep you out of the GP’s surgery.
  • lineGet back to enjoying quality time with your loved ones that hip pain has stolen from you.

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