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How can you beat pain in your foot, ankle, knee or hip?

Orthotics (Insoles) at Relive Physiotherapy!


Worried About Your Pain?

If you are an active person or an amateur athlete who is having injuries to your foot, ankle, knee or hip, then you will notice that it is becoming more difficult to do those activities without pain. You might just be tempted to accept that the pain will be a constant and that there is nothing you can do. You might even hope that it goes away by itself. You’ve probably tried a few different things to get rid of the pain, but nothing has really helped. Until Now. At Relive Physiotherapy we are happy to be provide all of our clients with the ultimate solution for pain and discomfort, the Gait & Motion Foot Scanning and PHITS technology (Approved by Royal College of Podiatrists).

This state-of-the-art foot scanning technology allows us to create customised insoles that will help to reduce your pain. In your session, we will carefully evaluate your unique pattern of walking and running, which will help us to understand your pain and discomfort and correct the problem. And all of this with customised insoles.

PHITS technology provides accurate 3D printed insoles which provide complete support and comfort for your feet. The insoles created by this computerised technology are biomechanically corrected ensuring efficient support for your feet, ankles, knees and hips.

I Can Buy Insoles From Anywhere – What’s So Special About These?

In the past, insoles were created after looking at you standing still and then a mould was made of your foot. However, your feet can behave completely differently when you are moving and when you are stationary

It’s why Chester’s Best Clinic, Relive Physiotherapy is using the latest Gait & Motion Technology (foot scan) which gives us highly accurate data about the position of your foot when you are stationary, walking or running. Armed with this information, we then undertake a physical examination of your body and talk about your personal goals, so we can best design the most accurate 3D printed PHITS insoles especially for you.

If you want to stay active and injury free, then these insoles really are an excellent choice. PHITS insoles are used by a number of professional athletes across sports such as running, cycling, golf and football. The PHITS insoles help them optimise their performance and minimise the risk of injury. The 3D printed insoles are durable, strong and lightweight (they weigh less than a sock!)

If you don’t believe us, then take a look at the testimonials from these well-known athletes who have used the PHITS insoles.


How To Get Started?

If you think that this is for YOU, then please click on the link below to schedule your foot scanning session.

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Who Would Benefit from Insoles?

PHITS Insoles can help you improve your sporting performance.

If you suffer from pain or discomfort due to any of the following, then insoles are a great choice for you:

  • linePlantarfasciitis or Heel Pain
  • lineAchilles or Foot Tendon Problems
  • lineLower Back Pain
  • lineHip or Knee Pain including Arthritis in the Leg
  • lineShin Splints
  • lineFlat Feet or Falling Arch Support
  • lineStress Fractures or Stress Reaction
  • lineMorton’s Neuroma
  • lineInjury Prevention

Is Orthotics at Relive Physiotherapy right for me?

Why not speak to one of our team to find out if this could benefit you? Either give us a ring or fill out this short 15 second form and we will get back to you!

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