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Discover How to Manage Arthritic Pain and Stiffness

  • lineWithout Having to visit the GP!
  • lineWithout Taking Painkillers

At Relive Physiotherapy, we know how having arthritis can feel like a handicap. You are in constant pain and feel uncomfortable and stiff. The pain has probably started ruling what you do.


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Worried About Your Arthritic Pain?

If you ignored it, would it go away by itself? NO!

The constant stiffness and pain that you’re feeling is having a negative impact on your life and probably preventing you from sleeping at night.

Do you think that resting (easier said than done) will ease the symptoms?

Will avoiding painful activities magically make the pain go away? NO!

What will actually happen is that your joints will end up getting worse and you will feel stiffer than when the pain started in the first place.

Arthritic pain is an awful condition and one of the most difficult to deal with. It affects your normal movement, making it harder for you to do everyday activities. This has an enormous impact on your self-confidence. You can’t get yourself dressed easily, you can’t brush your teeth properly, driving is difficult, looking after children is nearly impossible. You can’t move properly, so you become OVER cautious when living your life and eventually your become weaker and even stiffer.

Nobody should have to live with arthritic pain. Everybody that comes to see us wants to know….


There is so much information about arthritis on the internet and it is difficult to know what to believe. It’s why we have prepared a short report with everything in one place about the different conditions, such as Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and many more.

REST is great, but it isn’t always the answer.

We can help!

Sadly, most people who come to see us at Relive Physiotherapy Clinic in Chester for arthritic pain have had bad advice from somebody or just been confused by what they have found on the internet. I’m sure you are familiar with the scenario; ‘you should rest’, ‘just take some painkillers and you’ll feel better’, ‘wait and see how you feel.’ But days, weeks, months (and sometimes even years) pass and nothing changes - the arthritic pain just gets steadily worse. The advice you were given wasn’t right, as painkillers only treat the pain, they won’t help you maintain flexibility in your joints which wards off the oncoming stiffness and pain. Rest rarely addresses the cause of the pain. You’ve followed the advice that you’ve had, but it hasn’t worked. You’ve been resting and taking the medication for a while, but you’re in no better shape than you were when the pain started.

Doing the right things helps you manage your condition. If you don’t, then you will need to get used to having pain as it will become a part of your daily routine. Getting ‘older’ doesn’t mean that you should accept that it is inevitable. The pain may have made you give up the activities that you love – playing sport, playing with the children/ grandchildren, painting or DIY, but it doesn't meant that they are lost forever.


Does That Sound Like YOU?

When you are in constant pain from your arthritis, you don’t know what or who to believe when it comes to your treatment. What is the best way to manage your pain? The internet often has contradictory information (and there is a ton of it) and your friends and family all have an opinion on what you should be doing. Unfortunately, they are very rarely medically trained and don’t understand the complexity of your condition, so their advice, whilst well-meant, WON’T help.

You don’t know what you should do, you’re confused and in the end, you do NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. You carry on as you are and you don’t manage the pain. And that is the worst thing that you could possibly do.

If you suffer from arthritic pain, it can feel like a life sentence of pain. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Whilst there is no cure for arthritis, doing the right things can help with the pain and slow down the progression of the condition.


Is This Happening To You Too?

You’re not alone and you don’t have to suffer in silence. Help is at hand. All of the above are things we hear at Chester’s Best Physiotherapy Clinic, Relive Physiotherapy from our clients that have arthritic pain. In fact, they tell us:

  • lineI thought the pain would go away by itself, but it DIDN’T.
  • lineI’ve been told that everyone my AGE gets this, and I’ll just have to ‘Put Up With It’.
  • line I went to see my GP – they gave me painkillers and told me to rest. It felt better for a while, but as soon as I stopped taking the medication, my pain came back.
  • lineI found some exercises for arthritis on the internet, but they didn’t help at all. In fact, the pain got worse.
  • lineI went to see a massage therapist. It was nice and pleasant at first, but it didn’t fix my pain long term.
  • lineI’ve been to see all manner of people and tried what they recommended but nothing they said or did seemed to help.

All you need to do is click on Request Callback below to have a FREE chat with one of our Physiotherapists. Doing this is the first step in managing your pain. We’ll give you the right information to help you make an informed choice and get back to doing those activities you LOVE, SLEEPING better and back off the medication that is managing your pain, but not helping your condition.

What 4 Things Can I Do Now To Get Rid Of My Pain?

Make a decision. TODAY. It’s the first step. Making that very important decision will improve your physical and mental wellbeing and you will feel a weight has been taken off your shoulders. Literally! Say goodbye to being at the mercy of your arthritis, you’re back in control.

If you start to become inactive by resting too much, you will know that it feels a little stiff and sometimes even a little bit painful. Rest is great, but it’s not always the best thing for your arthritis. Too much rest can result in your joint becoming tighter, stiff and weak. You need to keep yourself active, do some targeted exercises which will help your condition and visit your friendly Relive Physiotherapist!

If you want to get your pain under control quickly, then this is really important. These exercises can be given to you by your Physiotherapist and will be the most effective way to help you. They will be able to demonstrate them, practice them with you to make sure you have the technique right and give you the right order to make sure that each exercise really counts.

If you get your exercises from the internet, then you are likely to be disappointed. Around 90% of people who use this source find exercises that are either inappropriate or not done correctly, which causes any pain and injuries to worsen. Not all arthritic pain is the same, so the exercises need to be chosen for YOU by a qualified professional.

Following all of the steps above will help you to start feeling better. But nothing beats the hands-on treatment that you will get at Relive Physiotherapy as standard. Nowadays, the majority of places prefer to give you exercises to do at home and really limit the hands-on treatment part. But not at Relive Physiotherapy. We believe that you DESERVE the best and this is often the quickest route to lasting results for your arthritic pain. If your pain is preventing you from doing everyday tasks, work or do the things you love, then please call Relive Physiotherapy TODAY and your recovery can begin.


Do you want to know how you can live without pain?

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How Can Relive Physiotherapy Help Beat My Pain?

There are so many things that we can do for you at Relive Physiotherapy, but here are a few:

  • lineQuickly ease the symptoms of your pain within three or four visits to our expert Physiotherapy Clinic in Chester.
  • lineHelp you enjoy a good night’s sleep and have more energy to attack your day.
  • lineAnswer any questions that you have. You will understand how to look after your joints and take back control from the pain.
  • lineHelp you get back to doing the things you love, through our expert treatment.
  • lineHelp you come off the medication that is not helping your condition.
  • lineKeep you out of the GP’s surgery and returning for painkillers.
  • lineGet back to enjoying quality time with your family and friends that the pain has stolen from you.

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