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If You Are You Looking For a Form of Exercise That Improves Your Core Strength, Fitness and Well-being, then look no further than

1:1 Pilates at Relive Physiotherapy!

Our program is run by Pilates Trained Expert Physiotherapists, which means that every exercise has been assessed to get you the maximum benefit. As it is a 1:1 session, it is designed especially with YOU in mind. We will build your core strength (which can have a fantastically positive effect on something such as a leaky bladder) in a consistent way by performing flowing movements, rather than the static poses used by yoga.


What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise that has often been compared to Yoga. In Pilates, we focus on your posture, balance and flexibility and you are much less likely to injure yourself doing Pilates than in higher intensity types of exercise. Pilates trains you to co-ordinate your breathing and your body movement. When you are doing the exercises, you become a lot more aware of your movement as it is in sync with your breathing.

At Relive Physiotherapy, we usually do mat-based Pilates exercises. We can also do some of the more advanced forms of Pilates, which uses more specialized equipment, providing resistance or support, but this all depends on you and the objective of your particular session.

Who Can Do Pilates?

Absolutely EVERYBODY! Regardless of age, body shape and level of fitness, all can take part and benefit from this form of exercise.

I Thought Pilates Took Place in Classes Of About 10 People. Why would I do it 1:1?

That is correct in the majority of cases, but “One Size Doesn’t Fit All”.

YOU are the PRIME focus during a 1:1 Pilates session and the exercises done will be solely for YOUR benefit.

Everybody has a different level of ability and exercise capacity, even in an ‘Absolute Beginners’ group. A 1:1 session with our expert instructor, Mohana, will allow us to identify your levels of flexibility, fitness level and the exercises that would most benefit you. Your program will be exclusively designed for you, and we will always focus on your personal needs and goals.

In a perfect world, everybody would have 1:1 Pilates sessions as this would benefit you the most. However, there are a number of reasons that people would prefer a group session, such as cost, being able to do it socially with friends, or even that you will not be pushed as hard. There is no ‘typical’ session, so you might find yourself doing anything from a gentle strength training program to a challenging workout, but it will all be under the close supervision of your expert instructor. Pilates is a safe form of exercise, and it is suitable for all ranges of fitness from complete beginners to those that regularly exercise.

When you start off, you work on understanding the relationship between moving and breathing and you begin with exercises that practice this. As this becomes second nature, we increase the difficulty of the exercises, but always at a speed that you are comfortable with.

It is vital to take part in Pilates for beginners as it is in these sessions that you learn the skills that you will need to tackle more advanced Pilates.


Why Choose Relive Physiotherapy for 1:1 Pilates ?

  • lineOur exclusive 1:1 sessions build a program that is tailored to your needs.
  • lineOur expert instructors are all Physiotherapists and trained by APPI (Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute), so you can be secure in the knowledge that they deliver quality sessions on a consistent basis.
  • lineOur instructors are friendly and want the best for you. They will go at a speed that is comfortable for you.
  • lineYou will see a marked improvement during your individual lessons, which is much quicker than if you were doing it in a group.
  • lineOur instructors can design a program that strengthens any past injuries and works on ‘problematic’ areas, all in a safe environment.
  • lineIt is suitable for all abilities (no previous experience is required).
  • lineChester’s Best Physiotherapy Clinic, Relive Physiotherapy can work around your schedule and not the other way around.

1:1 Pilates Frequently Asked Questions

Injuries are rare in 1:1 Pilates, as this is a low impact form of exercise. But they can happen occasionally. The most important thing to stay injury free is to find a class that is aimed at your level, or you may end up doing a lot more than you planned!

If you feel that something is not right during your session, then you should tell your instructor immediately and stop what you are doing.

What a great question! There are lots of health benefits to Pilates and these are magnified in 1:1 sessions. Aside from concentrating on flexibility, posture and core strength, the benefits of 1:1 Pilates include:

Reduced Pain – 1:1 Pilates can help to reduce muscle and joint pain. The exercises help to stretch and strengthen the muscles in the targeted areas, which can help relieve pain and improve your mobility.

Muscle Tone – there are a load of muscles in your body and when doing 1:1 Pilates, you will discover muscles that you didn’t know existed! But don’t worry! Pilates will find them quickly and you will be exercising them straight away. In the beginning you will be really sore, but as your body gets used to exercising these ‘new’ muscles, they will become stronger, and you will become more toned. Your body tone generally starts to worsen as you get older or become inactive.

Flexibility – as we get older, we lose a lot of our flexibility. 1:1 Pilates helps restore your flexibility, a little bit at a time. Before you know it, you will be a lot more flexible than you were before and this can help prevent injury if you are prone to falls.

Toned / Flat abdominal muscles – working on your core strength also works your abdominal muscles meaning that they become toned.

Improvement of your core – working on this means that it will help you manage your muscles and strengthen your body. Any person that suffers from a leaky bladder can benefit from this as it helps to strengthen the muscles that are used in the process. To find out more, please click here to download our FREE report.

Posture – your posture will improve a lot when doing 1:1 Pilates. The different exercises require your whole body to be in alignment. People with lower back pain who do 1:1 Pilates greatly appreciate the benefits and the improvement that this can make. To find out more, please click here to download our FREE Back Pain report.

Sense of well-being – by tuning in your mind and body, you will feel a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Reduction of stress – when doing the exercises and practicing the breathing techniques, you will find that it helps by focusing on relaxation, clearing your mind and forgetting about the everyday issues that are on your mind. You will find that your stress levels reduce.

Another great question! It is actually the most common question that we are asked by people who have not done any exercise for a while and who are looking to start with something low impact before they move on to levels of higher intensity.

1:1 Pilates strengthens your muscles and can help trim and tone certain areas of your body, especially your buttocks, stomach and legs. When we discuss the sessions at the outset, please let us know that this is your goal, and we will be able to design a program specifically for you to achieve your objective. The intensity of this program will depend on you and how much you think you are capable of doing!

1:1 Pilates is not an aerobic form of exercise, so it should be combined with a balanced diet and aerobic exercise such as swimming, walking or cycling.

Research has found that Pilates can be an effective treatment for illnesses and injuries such as:

  • lineScoliosis
  • lineChronic neck pain
  • lineMultiple Sclerosis
  • lineHip or Knee replacements
  • lineChronic neck and back pain

If you are interested in learning more about the health benefits that 1:1 Pilates can have for you, then please click here to find out more information.


Want to know more about 1:1 Pilates?

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